Why Use Silver As You Metal Of Choice When Designing The Perfect Infinity Engagement Rings?

For years now, gold has been the metal of choice when designing jewelry of any kind – especially wedding jewelry. Because gold has the property of being long lasting; a quality that one desires in their jewelry the most. Of late though, women are gravitating towards various other metals when designing their engagement rings. While Platinum wins some hearts on account of its non-reactive nature, many other prefer the contemporary look of white gold. Silver though has been a hot favorite when it comes to designing jewelry, and if you are looking to make an infinity engagement ring for yourself this versatile metal is the perfect thing of it.

Infinity engagement rings are worn not only because they look god, but also because they hold a lot of meaning for the ones wearing it. The design of the ring is such that it symbolizes a relationship that has no end or beginning, and which is forever. No other ring design packs so much punch as the infinity ring does, and when you are wearing something that has so much emotional and symbolical value it is only fair that you hew it out of a metal that is equally valuable and symbolical. The metal Silver has been in used for centuries by humans, and has always been used as a symbol of purity, and this is why infinity engagement rings made out of silver hold so much emotional value.

Silver has been associated with the moon, and the enchanting glow of moonlight. Since eons, we humans have considered the moon as heavenly symbol of purity and enchantment and compared beautiful maidens to the beauty of the moon. As such, the moon and its associated metal – Silver – is also a symbol of the purity and the beauty of women, and represents the intuitive and reflective nature characteristic of a woman. Therefore, if you were to design an infinity engagement ring for your wife or fiancée out of silver, you would be completely right!

Also important to take note of is the fact that the metal silver has antimicrobial and anti bacterial properties. In ancient literature, all the bad guys (werewolves and vampires alike) would run away when silver bullets were fired at them. This proves how silver has always been a symbol of untarnished purity and goodness, and thus forms the perfect setting for a ring that defines the purity and goodness of your love.


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