For The Uninitiated – The History and Symbolism behind the Popular Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity engagement rings, also popularly known as eternity rings, are the symbols of true love in the world of jewelry. Nothing personifies ‘eternal’ the way the perfect piece of jewelry does, with the fire of the diamond resembling the fire burning within your own heart and the snug fit of a beautifully crafted piece on your beloved’s skin a constant reminder of your togetherness. The Infinity engagement ring too is such a piece that has become the choicest design for those who like to wear their love.

The history of the design dates back to Celtic day Britain where according to lore, the number 8 was considered a representation of eternal and undying love. Why this chosen number you may ask? The answer to that is that the number ‘8’ has no beginning or end and symbolizes a unique and seamless intermingling of fates that has no boundaries. This is why infinity engagement rings are mostly shaped like the number 8, or have a set of eight intertwined rings that knot over each other to form the infinity symbol.

The Egyptians, those wonderful dwellers of the land by the Nile whose entire lives were dictated by symbols and their meanings, had a symbol similar to the Celtic infinity called the ‘Ouroboros’. Depicted as a snake devouring its own tail and twisted in the middle to form the number 8, the ouroboros was a constant reminder of the cycle of rebirth and renewal, and that life is eternal. It also symbolizes how something new is born out of the remains of something old – a philosophy that holds steady in love and life. So the next time you venture to think of the meaning behind your infinity ring, remember the ouroboros and his teachings that life is in constant flux and there is renewal happening at every turn, and that you love too is in a similar state of constant change. Reminding yourself that change in love is as necessary as in every other aspect of life will help you accept the changes in your spouse and in your love life and hopefully, make something more positive and better out of it.

And if you wish to make the message symbolized by your infinity engagement rings stronger, have them engraved with diamonds, because nothing lasts for forever except a rare and sparkling diamond, and your love!


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